Take the path to discovery!

Set out on an adventure across intertwined dimensions.

Adventure awaits

Solve puzzles of ancient civilizations as you travel across worlds filled with mysteries. Experience the variety of beautiful, fantastic landscapes by interacting with them and bending them to your will.

Master the powers sealed in an ancient scepter that will aid you in your quest. Reveal the story of a mysterious being reaching out for your help.

Ghost of Memories

Embrace power beyond reckoning

Ghost of Memories

Puzzles and mysteries

A lone wanderer from an empty world finds a mysterious scepter that holds untold power. However bound to the staff is also a voice of a woman that seeks help in finding her freedom. She promises to teach the traveler how to use the powers hidden within if he finds her and frees her. Together they embark on a journey that will reveal to them more than they expect.

Ghost of Memories


Ghost of Memories
Ghost of Memories


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